Artistic Authenticity

Session 1


The first words that come to mind when one mentions authenticity are original, genuine, signature, distinctive etc…

Most places of business request to see your I.D. before handling any transactions. They never tell you what they look for, but the purpose is to be completely sure that you are that individual. Sometimes they even request two pieces to confirm.

As individuals and Artist, you should be as authentic as Hermes’ and other high-end stores. We should possess the highest quality of services and products. For instance, Walmart and Target sell almost identical items, many prefer Target for simply having shorter lines if any, great customer service and a great refund policy. While those things may be minute, you’d be surprised as to how much peace that gives the consumer.

Are you a copycat? Indeed, it’s okay to be observant in order to get ideas however, it is fraudulent to search and steal, create the exact same things and label it yours and original. That will only last a short while as you prove to not be able to reach your next level.

With that being said, how are you identified? What keeps you operating fluently? What differentiates you from other businesses like yourself?

Are you equipped to offer the services that you advertise? Are you honest to say we are just starting and give details?

When they hear or speak of you, does integrity proceed or do you have a bad reputation?

Are you the 1st person/business that consumers/referrals think of when it comes to that particular service?

Will they pay your prices without haggling because you are that great and worth it?

Do you recognize your faults, great or small and correct them even if that means taking a loss to ensure your ratings and reviews as well as business relationships stay healthy and flourishing?

These are things to consider when operating to become a brand of excellence and integrity!

* Work on consistency with who and what you provide
* Become familiar with your vision/mission and all that you offer
* Expand your inventory to a generous stock so that you aren’t flagged for (always out of stock)
* Make sure that you are who you say you are and do
* Try to remain or create original content and products, make your brand stand out
* Communication with employees and customers
* Market for the audience that you would like to service
* Do surveys to those outside of your immediate circle and staff to gather fresh data and know the areas that could use improvement
* As much as possible, stay in your lane. My best example is always Cane’s chicken. I had my 1st experience in 2009. It’s 2020 and they have remained consistent with their menu. The most they do is change the flavor of a lemonade. They have random specials and they offer ketchup, hot sauce or canes sauce. With that amount of simplicity and consistency they continue to expand, build and never miss a beat. They have excellent service and they always make it fresh and hot
* Keep a notepad handy that will be used only for business overviews and improvement.

That concludes my viewpoints on session one of this Topic. Let’s grow and become “that brand” that customers will long for and anticipate the next great thing you offer or do!

Until next time, I am Tara M. Price
CEO and Founder

~Through the arts, you can Live!