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Waking Up is Different for Everyone………

It is the assumption that life for many is the same, the vast reality proves otherwise. This inspirational, impactful and empowering stage play will broaden the viewers perspective to not always focus on that which is damaged, but to establish hope for that which functionally remains.  Via the outlet of various artistic expressions, we aim to help develop and enhance the audience’s mindsets for the betterment of themselves and others who may have or currently experiencing low self-esteem, depression, mental illness, suicidal ideation, homelessness, grief, weariness, feeling unloved or any of life’s challenges that appear to be hopeless and deemed them not usable, to know that those circumstances are temporary and that greater is awaiting Them!!!

- Tara M. Price

Through The Arts
You Can Live

Tara M. Price


An inspirational, impactful, and empowering hit-stage play!

“Staged, Signed and Sealed in Excellence”


Price Signature Productions LLC is a thriving and growing company that produces events in the arts and prides itself and staff in delivering nothing less than excellence. This chapter of our business was established here in Las Vegas NV, May 2018. All events have been funded independently. Although we are a business for profit, we make it a priority to give even when we are not receiving. We host several events (see community events) that we can use additional partnerships, funding, donations and volunteers. We desire to keep them operational always. Understanding that many are less fortunate and deserve to know that they too are thought about and loved.

We have also taken major financial losses as we entrusted our business affairs with locals who failed to deliver the promised goods and services they were paid to render. This was a major setback for us in many ways. We still give and share but not at the capacity we desire to.

Last year on October 19, 2020 we presented a phenomenal Stage Play Production entitled Damaged Goods “I’m Usable” written and directed by our Founder Tara M. Price. The company that was hired to video did not deliver a product of excellence nor offer a refund. We also had plans to cast a tour of the play nationwide but Covid-!9, put a pause on that vision. We then planned just a DVD and CD release tour but after the DVD failed to be that of excellent quality that plan also ended. Many were disheartened by this as they were patiently waiting because the content embodies the challenges and daily struggles of mental health awareness and all of its components as well as highlights areas such as homelessness, domestic violence, bullying, gun violence and much more.

As stated in our opening, excellence is everything that we stand for and this extreme loss could leave levels of distrust from those who are always supportive to us. We would like to redeem ourselves. While we do currently have a CD, T-Shirts, a brand-new website and music video we would still love to possess and share the content of a stage play via tour and DVD.

At this junction, we are not currently able to fund this alone and are asking those who believe in us and know how important the messages of mental illness is would partner with us, donate or even sponsor a tour to a state we’ve selected.

After each tour we will select a mental health facility to donate a bundle package to as well as leave them a monetary donation for a few who may need to see a therapist but cannot afford one.

If you would like more information or would like to partner/sponsor or donate with us please e-mail us at info@pricesignatureproductions.com or click the links PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, Square etc. to submit your contribution. Please note if you would like to be publicly acknowledged or remain anonymous as we don’t take it lightly when we are blessed so therefore, we let it beknown. We are about teamwork and community service abroad.

We will be sure to keep current statuses via our website on our progress and events.

Thank you in advance for sowing into good ground. We appreciate you in advance.

Artfelt Thanks,

Tara M. Price
Angel of Performing Arts
Price Signature Productions LLCinfo@pricesignatureproductions.com
“Through the arts, you can Live”
~Tara M. Price

Enrollment / Classes

Open enrollment for dance and drama classes will begin November 2020


Heart-heated for the Homeless
*sock and blanket drive
(we provide socks and blankets during the cold months)

*Personal Purse Drive
(we provide toiletries in a purse to women)

*Thirst No More Drive
(we give water especially in the summertime)

*Walk in Newness Drive
(we provide new or gently used shoes to those who need them)

*Random Because Blessings
(we provide an unexpected meal, money, coffee or any gift at any time)

L.A.R.(Live and Reach) Scholarship Foundation
This scholarship will be in honor of the founder’s late mother Loretta Ann Roundtree, who sacrificed to send her to dance school and always made sure that she was actively engaged in the arts. This fund is only funded by the company at the present time until others wish to help build. This fund will be distributed to the applicants who meet the required guidelines. This year’s recipients will be distributed on October! 9, 2020.For more information, donations or partnership inquiries, please email us. (see contact page)

I have had the pleasure to witness the writings of Tara's work. The messages she brings to the stage is nothing less than brilliance brought to life. I have watched Tara as she untirelessly jump in and out of different characters as she "trained" her cast.What God downloads into this woman is simply remarkable on tilt. I was blessed to see her work a few times and blown away as each and every character that stepped on stage to perform was simply awesome. Keep up the good work Tara, you will go far!

All the best,

This email is let people know the integrity of Tara M Price Ceo of Price Signature Productions. The company from day one has been a straightforward, very transparent about every aspect of any events that have  been put on by this company. That's why Price Signature Productions solgan is " Staged Signed and Sealed in  Excellence". INTEGRITY IS EVERYTHING!!

Ron Price Jr

I have had the pleasure of knowing Tara my whole life.  I have seen her grow and blossom into the professional she is Today.  She has a true God given calling and talent. Her love for her work and the arts show throughout every thing she does.  She is a true teacher and loves sharing the arts with the younger generation.  She enjoys watching the youth grow and love the arts.  Her talents range from singing, dancing to producing and everything in-between.  

Angie Chapple

Good day,  
I've worked with and seen Tara's work for years. Her plays are excellent, always Professional organized and with Great real life stories to Tell. She's the Best at Everything  She does!! I look forward to working with her again in the future.Her work ethics are off the Chains, Highly Professional. Thank you Tara for Being a special Gift in Everything that You Do. You have been a Gift to the WORLD👏👏👏💯💯

Kathey Sherman

To Whom It May Concern,
My name is Tori Richardson. I have had the pleasure of knowing Tara Price for several years. In the length of time I have known Tara, she has always had a love for the Arts. Her talent is incomprehensible. Her work ethic exceptional. We attended church together in Philadelphia years ago. She produced plays and dance performances while there at the church, which was her ministry at The Baptist Worship Center. Everyone enjoyed every performance Tara produced. She wrote, choreographed,  managed, directed, and oversaw every single performance she birthed. Her professionalism is nothing short of being scholar material. I am proud of her for her hard work and tenacity. If she says it is going to be perfection, you had better believe, it's going to be that on steroids.Thank you Tara, for listening to God first through all that you do.

Love you twin,
Tori Richardson

My name is Tabitha Brown. I’ve seen a few of Tara's productions and they have passion for the craft all in them. She pours her heart and soul into her work and it shows in the end.

Tabitha Brown

I have known Tara Roundtree since 1998. I went to a dinner show she choreographed and I was astonished. My daughters joined her Dance Ministry at our church when they were 8 and 9 years old. I sat through every dance rehearsal for Sunday services, Black History Month, Easter, and Night of Dance productions. The Night of Dance was the largest performance Tara would put on every year. 16 dances, live original music, singers, musicians and dancers from all over the tri-state. As parents we helped work within the Ministry: fund raising, promotions, behind the scenes, etc. I became her Make-up Artist for all her dance productions which were held at Arts Bank, Freedom Theatre, Kimmel Center which is Philadelphia's Ave of the Arts.

Mrs. Riviera

Tara is an exceptional artist. She does everything with purpose and heart. She puts her blood, sweat and tears in everything she does and her people.  Tara is an extraordinary visionary that believes in seeing a project through from the beginning to the end. Not once has she flaked on a project. She hardworking and loving.  She shows nothing but great work to her audience and believes that hard work definitely pays off.

Akilah Logan
Melted Blue Studios

Tara Price and Price Signature Productions plays a vital role in arts, across the country! She’s exceptionally talented and puts on plays that speak to the soul! Her work is life changing, and gives people strength and encouragement to make it through the day, everyday! Her talent is God given! Second to none!

Shanyce Steward